Social & Professional Responsibility

Social responsibility

Over and above of our professional services, we never forget to perform our social responsibilities. Mr. Ramesh Vaghasia is serving since long to the society and making charity through different trust and NGOs. Have a look towards the overview of his contribution to the society which he believes to be his responsibility:

He has established "Sardar Patel Education Trust" and under his tenure of presidency of 10 years, this trust had undergone various educational and cultural activities to promote and motivate students for higher education especially for competitive examination by appreciating students for developing their general knowledge.

He was the acting president of Rotary Club of Surat-East for the year 2008-09. During this period he had initiated a programme of getting water filters installed in schools that are under the “Surat Municipal Schools” to give the children the privilege of pure water. Various other programmes were launched to provide better infrastructure in these schools. Rotary Club is an international club where professionals from different fields meet and exchange views and ideas and together they work for the betterment of the society. One of the major projects of Rotary Club is the worldwide polio eradication programme in which it finances completely for all the expenses.

He is a member of the Education committee of the E. M. Charitable Trust, Surat which works to provide educational & medical facilities to the poor section of the society.

He is an advisory member in the Lok Drashti Eye Bank, Surat, which functions to promote and encourage the noble cause of eye and other organ donation amongst the society.

He is the founder and has been the acting President of The Rachna Co-op. Credit & Consumers Society Ltd., Surat since 1997. This society is providing financial assistance to those who become members of this society, at a very reasonable rate of interest. This society is also undertaking social and educational programs for their members.

He is the Co-Ordinator of the Saurashtra Patel Sewa Samaj, Surat. This organisation helps to promote social reforms accelerating educational approach having nationalism by using platform of mass marriage system to the members of the society by providing them the required platform and sponsorship.

He is one of the active trustees of Prayosha Pratishthan Trust– an NGO of Dang, Aahva, which mainly works for the betterment of the local tribal people. The organization runs one higher secondary and two secondary schools in dang, which provide education as well as food, free of cost to the tribal students. It has been also arranging medical camps in remote villages of Dang.

He is also a member of Maha Samiti of the Vishwa Gujarati Samaj, Ahmedabad, a Non-Government Organisation of Gujaratis working for the betterment of Gujarat and Gujaratis by undertaking various creative activities, awarding useful services to the society and creating good and vast platform of interaction of Gujaratis all over the world, which aims to resolve all sorts of issues relating to Gujaratis. This association had shown its active participation after the disastrous earthquake in Gujarat in 2001 by adopting an entire village to rehabilitate it to help it recover from the calamity.

Professional Responsibility

When it comes to encouraging rising professionals by seeking out the best opportunities, or representing a group of well established and talented professionals, Mr. Ramesh Vaghasia is always keen to show his deep interest and feels delighted to take a stand and lead them all. He is always eager to represent his professional colleagues to express their views on various matters concerning the general public at large. As a member of various professional bodies he undertakes various activities which helps to ensure the growth, continuity and consistency of various professional bodies.

He is a member of the Managing Committee of The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry which is working for businessmen and industrialists. He is also the chairman of the NRG (Non-Resident Gujaratis) Committee in SGCCI and NRG Centre established by Govt. of Gujarat which works to resolve issues of and relating to the NRGs.

He was the Chairman of South Gujarat Regional Council of All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants for the year 2009-10. This organization works to project and advance the interests of tax consultants and also to safeguard the profession of tax consultants. The organization submits drafts and memorandums presenting the view points of tax consultants, from time to time to various authorities, in connection with direct tax and allied laws in the interest of general public.

He is a member of the Tax Advocate Association of Gujarat, which represents various tax related issues to update the members of this organization. This organization organizes seminars to take up healthy discussions to resolve various inconveniences related to the practical issues of their clients.