Services are as essential for any profession as blood is to a body. Services are the main functioning part of our organization and we always try to fill up the blood in it by providing better and improved services. To maintain the image and goodwill of the company, we maximize the satisfaction of our valued clients by providing following services:


We serve better


The main thing in the business or profession is expert advice by qualified and experienced professionals. It is necessary while giving professional advice that maximum benefit goes to the clients. This would be possible only if qualified and experienced management is deployed in the organization. To serve well, we have combination of lots of staff, both qualified and semi-qualified. Our large number of staff comprises of Chartered Accountants, M.B.As., M.Coms, LL.Bs., B.Coms., Architects, Engineers, etc. Above all there is direct and indirect control of directors on our each and every staff members. There is flow of information from bottom to top and flow of instructions from top to bottom level. We have computers for each staff member and centralized accounting and income tax software as well as we are having good and latest technology based infrastructure with live watch of our talented staff. Due to this, we are able to provide reliable and faster services to our clients. We also periodically arrange conferences, seminars and training programs to train our staff so as to keep them aware and updated of the latest changes in different fields of business and commerce.

Our specialties


We provide all these services under one roof. Once the client comes in touch with our company for any one service, he will get all other services as and when the requirement arises. Thus our aim is to satisfy our clients in one and only one office without consuming much time and money.

We also provide business information in required field to our valued clients along with our services. We keep our clients one step ahead by advanced and proper planning of their tax liability in a manner not leading to any tax evasion. We make them aware of latest changes in various laws and Govt. Policies. We regularly distribute circulars, booklets and other materials regarding various legal obligations to be fulfilled by them so that they remain conscious towards following these rules. We periodically organize seminars for our clients on different topics so that direct interaction with them becomes possible and any sort of problem or doubt can be solved on the spot. Proactive management and continuous compliance policy for any work is our system to make our client alert on sensitive issues of their business.

Future Planning under consideration


Future planning of our company includes expanding of our services outside India. Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing are the talk of the day. We are planning to enter the international market through KPO. There are a number of foreign companies who are outsourcing their work in India. We are quite hopeful of getting this type of assignments in near future. We have prepared ourselves to absorb the awaiting opportunities.

We are also planning to get certification under ISO 9001-2000 to create more trust amongst our clients. We have already started the process regarding the certification and registration.

Industries We Serve

Gems - Jewellery & Diamond Industry

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

Trust & Associations

Electrical Industry

Government Contractors

Machinery Industry

Computer & Software Industry

Architect & Engineers

Hotel & restaurant Industry

Prawns Industry

Hallmarking & Assaying Industry

Banking Industry

Embroidery Arts Industry

Transport & logistic Industry

Printing & Publicity Industry

Builders & Civil Construction

Textile Industry

Educational Institutes

Water treatment Industry

Doctor & Medical service Industry

Packaging Industry

Spa & Saloon Industry

Co-operative Societies